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  • Modeling dresses with draped waist

  • using Pattern basis-dresses by their own standards, build drawing dresses with draped waist size 38 for example. Front / back 1. Length of dress in the middle of the back - 101.6 cm from the seventh cervical vertebra (corresponding to the length of the skirt 60 cm from the waist). - Neck and back transmission increased by 1 cm along the lines of shoulder sections.

  • Modeling draped dresses with detachable upper part before

  • using Pattern-base dresses by their own standards, build drawing dresses with detachable draped front to the top of the sample size of 38. Front / back 1. Length of dress in the middle of the back - 86.6 cm from the seventh cervical vertebra (corresponding to the length of the skirt from the waist 45 cm). - Draw more darts for pritalivaniya forehand and back with a 1 cm - Armholes and transmitted back to lengthen by 1 cm by reducing the solution of the upper tucks.

  • Modeling tucks and reliefs on the dress

  • for modeling tucks and reliefs on the dress used Main drawing . MODEL DRESS 1 1. Draw the item before. Measure down from the center of the chest 7 cm from the armhole measure through lateral cut 13 cm, connect the data points and draw a line cut.

  • Modeling tucks and pleats on the skirt

  • Dart "scissors" For all versions of modeling take basic foundation front cloth skirts. Skirt length 50 cm Basic tuck divided into two darts, length corresponds to the length of the main darts darts. Hand darts combine (close). Cut waist align.

  • Modeling skirts - skirts model variants with drawings

  • Dining models skirts with the drawings. Descriptions construction of the drawing to them in Spanish.

  • Lower side seams and trouser cuts zipper

  • lower side seams and zipper slits. On finished trousers teeth zippers must be seen. On the lower parts of the front and rear halves of partition necked at 5 mm from the side seam.

  • Slim top with asymmetric belt effect smell - part 2. Neck and shoulder seams

  • form-fitting top with asymmetric belt effect smell. In this article the neck and shoulder seams. Piping before transmission to impose on the face to the face.

  • Processing blouses - blouses finish details, processing fasteners edge processing board

  • finish details BLOUSES Decoration of any blouses are tucks, pleats, ruffles. But doing them requires patience and accuracy. Tucks. Details on schedule the first place tucks (usually on a common thread to stitch the fabric is not drawn under), fold detail on the intended line, priutyuzhte (or sweep out) and sew at a distance of 0.1-0.2 cm from the fold.

  • Processing blouse - fabric, lining, stitching, darts, and piping podborta

  • at a large variety of models blouses, their individual processing nodes still remains unchanged. A look on the most popular and convenient methods of treatment. FABRICS For most typical blouses silk fabrics - both natural and synthetic fibers.

  • Processing blouses - collars, sleeves processing, processing down, wet-heat treatment

  • COLLARS Collar stitch in the neck after Sew shoulder seams and edges of boards processed. Do not forget that the shoulder seams press out towards the back.

  • Processing dresses - piping pockets, zipper, bottom processing

  • piping POCKETS Pocket in the seam (8). By slicing parts at the location of the pocket Sew burlap, adding details with burlap right sides. Burlap with the bottom cut out 1 cm is the top and the back of allowance is added to 1 cm, that was not visible seam pritachivaniya burlap.

  • Безымянный

  • FABRICS Cotton fabrics are a number of positive attributes - they are durable, hard-wearing, hygroscopic, well tolerated washing. They are light (for summer dresses) - chintz, satin, voile and warm - corduroy, velvet, flannel.

  • Processing skirts - slots and cuts zipper, processing the upper edge, hem and lining

  • slots and SECTIONS Very often seams skirts end splines or cuts. Let's start with a simple - cuts. - To handle cut short (5-15 cm), an extension of the seam quite normal in width seam allowance, the lower corners with vytachayte hem allowance (6). - In order to process a long cut (more than 15-20 cm) of the wider seam allowance (4-5 cm) should worry even when cutting the skirt.

  • Processing skirt - fabric seams, pleats, pockets

  • uninitiated think that sew a skirt - a simple matter. In fact, it is not so. After all, the beauty of even the most simple in cut skirt is that it sat well in the figure. And for this, it must be worked out perfectly.

  • Processing zipper female trousers

  • women's pants buttoned right to left. Right edge of the piping section folded with the right front half right sides together and Sew along the edge of the cut.

  • Cut kimono coat with pockets in the frame

  • coat Dimensions: 40-44-48. You will need: Wool - 2,40 m x 1,40 m wide. 2,3 m x 1,40 m wide silk lining. 5 large-covered fasteners (buttons). Shoulder pads.

  • Dress balloon (knitted top)

  • circle on the chest: 80 (86, 94, 99, 107, 114, 121, 127) of an inch; Armhole length: 30.5 (32. 33, 34, 35.5, 38, 38), see You will need: 250 (250, 300, 300, 350, 350, 400, 300) g of yarn type «Bling Vling" (60% cotton, 38% acrylic, 2% aluminum, 84 m/50 g) of Verroso; circular needles 60 cm № 4,5, spokes № 3,75; 6m rubber veins, taffeta or organza segments for skirt length of 2 m and a width of 150 cm, tulle, pins.

  • Strapless dress with a pleated skirt

  • Size: 44 YOU WILL NEED: 0.50 m elastic silk taffeta width 1.50 m pleated taffeta: a piece of 40 cm long and 50 cm long piece, zipper length 35 cm DETAILS 2 (1 item) - the central front part of the bodice, 2A (2 parts) - side front part of the bodice, 2B (2 parts) - the bodice, 2C (1 item) - Inlay transmission bodice, 2D (1 item) - Inlay bodice.

  • Dress straps made of satin with ruffles

  • Dress Size: 40, 42, 44, 44, 46, 48, 50. Back length: 71 cm You will need: 0.35 m for all sizes of silk stretch satin, color lagoon, 100% silk, 135 cm in width; 1.00 m for all sizes with satin ruffles, 60% viscose, 40% cotton, width of 130 cm; Polyester sewing thread color lagoon 1 secret zipper gray, 22 cm long, with the need to reduce; 0.10 m wide elastic tape 0.3 cm; Pattern pieces: 15 before 16 piping back, 2 parts 8 front detail skirt 9 item back skirt 12 back straps, 2 parts 12a transmission piping, Part 2 Note: Copy parts a and b correspond to the main detail.

  • Dress and form-fitting coat with cut-off barrels

  • Dimensions dresses and coats: 40-44-48 You will need: Blended fabric (wool with viscose) - 3,25 m 140 cm wide Dress form-fitting, with relief darts on the shelf. Oval neckline.

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