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Mat of pompons master class

2015-12-21 00:00:00

mat of pompons -nice detail of the interior and a good way to use up leftover yarn. Pompons can be both single and different size. Color is also irrelevant. Look equally good and plain, and colorful, and patterned incarnation.

mat pompons master class

Main, pompons sewn tightly to the base, which is used as, felt, fleece, drape, etc.

mat pompons master class

Pompon made on the basis of cardboard. Cut two identical rings. Lush and neat buboes obtained if the inner diameter of the hole will be ¼ outside diameter. Billets swathes threads together. The process will go faster if the yarn folded into several layers. Besides plain pompons can be spotted or striped interesting options. Everything depends on the colors used and the order of winding. Threads need to wind until you exit the inner lumen. Cut the entire thickness of the yarn wound tightly between cartons and Ties thread. Remove the cardboard ring. Perhaps they will use a few more times. By the way, are commercially available reusable plastic rings for making pompons. Now pompons need to trim a little and fluff.

mat pompons master class

detailed master class can be seen here and get to work ...

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